Cross-Cultural Center

Multicultural Programs Committee Process

Step 1: Apply for Funding

Apply for funding on SPFB's website. Log in with your UCI netid and password.
Be sure to complete the form completely and detailed.
Funding Website

Step 2: The Interview

Once the deadline has passed, the current MPC Chair will contact you to arrange an interview between
10AM and 11AM the following Wednesday.

The interview will consist of an up to five minute presentation, followed by a three minute interview.
Once the interview is finished, you will be contacted by the following Friday on your funding allocation.

Step 3: Getting your money

After receiving notification of your funding allocation, you will be directed to Patsy in the ASUCI Office.
From there, you will meet with her and have your money transferred to your clubs account.

Step 4: Evaluation Form

Once your event or program has passed, you are required to return an evaluation form.
This form can be found here. Failing to finish the evaluation form may compromise future funding.


Important things to remember and tips:

Remember to let our board know of any changes in your funding request.

Be sure to review the "Where's the Money?" document, which can be found under important links and documents.

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